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efnet Channels. IRC network efnet was registered on in ust 1998.Since at time our data collector regularly connects IRC network efnet to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On is occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too. channel is not +s, you can /list channelname to see if anyone has left e channel to see if you could possibly join. What are some o er channel modes? Some o er modes accepted on Efnet include: +n - No messages to e whole channel from anyone outside e channel +t - Only channel operators can set e topic +s - Secret channel. Channel Modes are used to set various channel settings (such as who can access e channel, its behavior etc). ey're being set via e /MODE command. Example: to set e channel mychannel secret (+s), invoke /mode mychannel +s X,Y - numbers, AN - any alphanumeric symbols. Appchat: EFnet Chat Network - 14879 users - 8473 chat rooms - 65 minutes ago - Connect to IRC network EFnet, enter one of EFnet's chat rooms and start chatting online from here! is is a small report about chat room bball, a so called IRC channel on network EFnet. is report usually includes user statistics and chat topics of e last days and weeks, if e IRC channel was already registered and its administrators didn't set its channel modes to private or secret. rfc1459 Internet Relay Chat. CTCP Client-to-Client Protocol. TS Delay TimeStamp Delay. Numerics include/numeric.h. modeg User Mode +g. modes User and Channel modes. TS5 TS5 TimeStamp specification. rfc28 Internet Relay Chat: Architecture. 26,  · Secret channel. Extends e functionality of +p (above), but in addition to is, it will act as if e channel does not exist at all for queries like /TOPIC, /LIST and /NAMES. One exception to is is at it will always respond to e /MODE command. IRC Operators will always see +s channels and its members. Requires +o or higher S. Efnet on Web - IRC Server Efnet - Public IRC Efnet - Efnet Channels - Efnet Chatting Rooms Efnet Chat rooms List. Click on e Channel Name to Join and Start Chatting Right away. has ided to rename its server to e server have been linked to efnet for many years and have before at had e name and e admins have also ided to open up and everyone should now be able to use e server. Posted on 12/28/ at 12:16:47 UTC by Hardy. is mode allows a channel operator to set a list of users who are allowed to join a +i (invite only) channel or a +R (registered nicks only) channel. Syntax: /mode channelname +/-I [hosts] Example: /mode peanutbutter +I PJKevin!*@*.my. You can see e modes currently in effect on a channel by issuing e /MODE command wi out any flags. For example: /mode demo *** Mode for channel demo is +tn What does e +tn mean? ose and o er modes are described below. Public is is e default channel mode. Public means at everyone can see e channel in e /NAMES and /LIST lists. is is a list of all Internet Relay Chat commands from RFC 1459, RFC 2812, and extensions added to major IRC daemons.Most IRC clients require commands to be preceded by a slash (/).Some commands are actually sent to IRC bots. ese are treated by e IRC protocol as ordinary messages, not as /-commands.. Conventions used here: Angle brackets () are used here to indicate. irc.Prison.NET - 619 users - San Francisco, CA - United Layer - - - 1286 users - Chicago, IL - Server Central Webchat Login. [EDIT] is is an Instructable intended as a starter for ose who do not yet understand Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. is project is not intended to cover e entire scope of IRC and each individual client's capabilities, but is targeted to e windows user who is new to IRC, and is project aims to help ose users to get started wi IRC as a superior form of communication over IM clients. EFnet or Eris-Free network is a major Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network, wi more an 35,000 users. It is e modern-day descendant of e original IRC network. History. Initially, most IRC servers formed a single IRC network, to which new servers could join wi out restriction, but is was soon abused by people who set up servers. Internet Relay Chat CTCP Client-to-Client Protocol TS Delay TimeStamp Delay Numerics include/numeric.h modeg User Mode +g modes User and Channel modes TS5 TS5 TimeStamp specification rfc28 Internet Relay Chat: Architecture EFnet historic server list. Greetings, is list was originally written by and have since 1999 been maintained by. IRC is very similar to text messaging, but designed around communicating wi large groups of users instead of one on one. We are a group of dedicated volunteers who've been supporting IRC users since 1993. is website is affiliated wi e irchelp channels on e EFNet. 18,  · Setting e Secret or Private Mode. To set e secret mode, use is command: /mode channel +s In at command, replace channel wi your channel. For instance, for my super-secret channel, I used is command: /mode baconmylove +s. To set e private mode, use is command: /mode channel +p For instance, I used is command: /mode baconmylove +p. Limits e channel to only allow e given number of members to be in e channel while e mode is set. Nobody else is allowed to join e channel while e channel membership count is greater an or equal to e number given wi e mode, however some implementations allow IRC operators to circumvent at rule. Most traditional. e New IRC Channel Operator’s Guide. by Jolo, prysm, and RuyDuck of EFnet IRChelp. updated 18, 2008. Table of Contents. Introduction. Creating a channel 2A. Chanserv or no chanserv? 2B. Setting channel modes. 2C. Multiple modes. Channel security 3A. Opless. 3B. Kicking. 3C. Banning. 3D. Bot nets and drones. Maintaining e channel 4A. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a multi-user chat system where people meet on channels (rooms wi a certain topic of conversation) to talk in groups or chat privately. It was originally created by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988 and has been updated and extended by many o er people since en. hacker EFnet - Hacking Chat. is is a small report about chat room hacker, a so called IRC channel on network EFnet. is report usually includes user statistics and chat topics of e last days and weeks, if e IRC channel was already registered and its administrators didn't set its channel modes . IRC & Ham Radio. List of all known IRC ham radio related channels. W8IRC. Internet Relay Chat Amateur Radio Club. anks to Phil George W7GTI (automator on EFnet) for taking e club station on e road! Check him out on e HHH Net and e 3905 Century Club nets. Please QSL direct to W7GTI. is mode is called +R wi capital R and in fact supersedes e RFC2811 +r (lower-case r) channel mode, available only on!-channels and settable (not resettable) only by eir creators. All of network servers run on IRCnet's ircd wi e current version 2.11 [ ] (latest softe versions are maintained at IRC. is is a small report about chat room maine, a so called IRC channel on network EFnet. is report usually includes user statistics and chat topics of e last days and weeks, if e IRC channel was already registered and its administrators didn't set its channel modes to private or secret. Javascript is required to use IRC. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a tool for communicating in plain text, wi out e use of o er media such as images or videos. IRC uses a Client-Server model. you can connect to e server by making use of an IRC Client, and is is what you’ll be learning in is article. nascar EFnet - Nascar Chat. is is a small report about chat room nascar, a so called IRC channel on network EFnet. is report usually includes user statistics and chat topics of e last days and weeks, if e IRC channel was already registered and its administrators didn't set its channel modes . 29,  · History of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) +H mode showing at an IRCop is a helpop etc. side at later named itself IRCnet argued for nick and channel delays, where e EFnet side argued for timestamps. Most (not all) of e IRCnet servers were in Europe, while most of e EFnet server were in e US. Mibbit is a fully featured IRC and IM Client. Allowing you to interact realtime wi your friends. Chat, play games, colaborate on projects toge er and more. In is video I show you how to use IRC chat. From downloading e client to joining your first server and channel is video takes you step by step. Good fo. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an application layer protocol at facilitates communication in e form of text. e chat process works on a client/server networking model. IRC clients are computer programs at users can install on eir system or web based applications running ei er locally in e browser or on 3rd party server. ese clients communicate wi chat servers to transfer messages. ere is a small design fault in IRC regarding modes at apply to users on channels: e names message used to establish initial channel state can only send one such mode per user on e channel, but multiple such modes can be set on a single user. For example, if a user holds bo operator status (+o) and voice status (+v) on a channel, a new. Feb 15,  · Channels on a network can be displayed using e IRC command /LIST, which lists all currently available channels at are not secured (have e modes +s) or private (have e mode. NickServ allows you to register a nickname and prevent o ers from using it. e following commands allow for registration and maintenance of nicknames. to use em, type /msg NickServ command.For more information on a specific command, type /msg NickServ HELP command. Connect to IRCnet IRC: Nickname: Channels. 29,  · Most channels are hosted on e hackint IRC network due to desires like less netsplits, channel/nickname registration, secure IRC by default, etc. In addition to IRC clients, it can also be connected to rough its web interface. A few older, mostly inactive channels created before are still on e EFnet IRC network. IRC servers are run by IRC admins and by IRC operators, or IRC ops . IRC ops manage e servers emselves and, on EFnet and many o er networks, do not get involved in personal disputes, channel takeovers, restoring lost ops, etc. CGI:IRC Login: Nickname: Channel: Advanced.. CGI:IRC 0.5.11 0.5.11. FREE for EVER. e ultimate IRC client, now for Android. FREE. * Newer interface, better for newer phones and tablets. * Unlimited IRC servers, channels, private queries. * Preinstalled setups for most known irc servers (efnet,dalnet,freenode etc). * HTML UTF-8 encoded chat. * Support for bold/italics/colors. * File sending/receiving. * UPnP support. * Aliases/Events, unlimited. * Save IRC.

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