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Documentation Home Solstice PPP 3.0.1 Administration Guide Chapter 4 Editing e Configuration Files Editing e CHAT (or Connect) Scripts CHAT Script Syntax Solstice PPP . 18.4.1. Starting PPP at e server end. Whilst e ppp-on-dialer script is fine for servers at automatically start pppd at e server end once you have logged, some servers require at you explicitly start PPP on e server. If you need to issue a command to start up PPP on e server, you DO need to edit e ppp-on-dialer script. I have a problem when using PPPD to dial a modem. Here is e file pppd_script I used. Debug info from pppd debug kdebug 4 Most phones don't reply to LCP echos lcp-echo-failure 3 lcp-echo-interval 3 Keep pppd attached to e terminal Comment is to get daemon mode pppd nodetach e chat script (be sure to edit at file, too!) connect /usr/bin/chat -V -s -f /etc/ppp/chat_script. Chapter 5 Setting Up Point-to-Point Protocol Au entication. Configuring PPP Au entication (Task Map) Basic Modem Chat Script /etc/ppp/myisp-chat.tmpl Chat Script Template. Turn on debugging for calls to a particular peer by using e following syntax of pppd. All your chat script needs to do is dial e telephone, wait for a connect and en let pppd handle e logging in! !/bin/sh is is part 2 of e ppp-on script. It will perform e connection protocol for e desired connection. exec /usr/sbin/chat -v \ TIMEOUT 3 \ ABORT '\nBUSY\r' \ ABORT '\nNO ANSWER\r' \ ABORT '\nRINGING\r\n\r\nRINGING\r' \ '' \rAT \ 'OK-+++\c-OK' A 0 \ TIMEOUT 30 \ . Note: is tells e PPPD dialer to call e gprs script, which in turn calls gprs-connect-chat and gprs-disconnect-chat as necessary. Attempt to browse. Attempt to browse. If unable to resolve url's it's likely due to PPPD not updating /etc/resolv.conf wi e correct DNS servers. connection between e Point-to-Point Protocol Daemon (\fI pppd \fR) and: e remote's \fI pppd \fR process.. SH OPTIONS. TP. B \-f \fI chat file Read e chat script from e chat \fI file \fR. e use of is option: is mutually exclusive wi e chat script parameters. e user must: have read access to e file. Multiple lines are. Apr 01, 1997 · If you don't see a ppp0 device, check your system log file, i.e., /var/adm/messages, to ensure at your chat script worked successfully. Correct any possible errors. If you see any nasty looking error messages, double check at you are using e correct version of PPP for your kernel. Step 3: ping e PPP Remote Host. Feb 22,  · Error running system event handling function for resource chat: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: Failed to execute read: sv_chat.lua:30: bad argument 1 to ‘sub’ (string expected, got nil) stack traceback: [C]: in function ‘string.sub’ sv_chat.lua:30: in . e SAY directive allows e script to send strings to e user at e terminal via standard error. If chat is being run by pppd, and pppd is running as a daemon (detached from its controlling terminal), standard error will normally be redirected to e file /var/log/ppp/connect-errors. SAY strings must be enclosed in single or double quotes. If carriage return and line feed are needed in e string to be output, you must . A script is simple can be defined directly on e chat command line: chat -v -t30 \r name e word TOga!toGA. is command runs chat in verbose mode, sets e leng of time e script waits for an expected string to 30 seconds, and en executes e simple login script described above. e syntax of e chat command. Chat script for ppp login Set e line regarding e remote site configuration Due to UUCP limitations some systems only accept cs7 setline cs7 parodd Start dialog wi e remote host send RETURN Set expected response, retry 3 times at second intervals expect ogin: onerror send BREAK repeat 3 Set login id sent to remote host send ppp1 Set response expected from remote . is means all packets not meant for e local network, will go out via e modem. defaultroute use e given chat script in order to perform e dialing and possibly e login script as well. connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/chat-script' use harde flow-control between e computer and e _local_ modem Pastebin.com is e number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. ABORT 'BUSY' ABORT 'NO CARRIER' ABORT 'VOICE' ABORT 'NO DIALTONE' ABORT 'NO DIAL TONE' ABORT 'NO ANSWER' ABORT 'DELAYED' REPORT CONNECT TIMEOUT 6 '' 'ATQ0' 'OK-AT-OK' 'ATZ' TIMEOUT 3 'OK' @/etc/ppp/chatscripts/pin 'OK\d-AT-OK' 'ATI' 'OK' 'ATZ' 'OK' 'ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 CLASS=0' 'OK' @/etc/ppp/chatscripts/mode 'OK-AT-OK' @/etc/ppp/chatscripts/apn . is isn't strictly necessary but it does mean at e chat script doesn't finish until I actually see a ppp frame from e ISP. My ISP uses PAP au entication ra er an a login dialog, which simplifies e chat script. e code highlighting syntax uses CodeHilite and is colored wi Pygments. It follows e same syntax as regular kdown code blocks, wi ways to tell e highlighter what language to use for e code block. e language will be detected automatically, if possible. Or you can specify it on e first line wi 3 colons and e language name. ChatScript Vim Syntax Highlight. Gi ub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. connect ’/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/chat-isp’ noau In is example, we are using chat to dial e ISP’s modem and go rough any logon sequence required. e /etc/ppp/chat-isp file contains e script used by chat. it could for example contain some ing like is: ABORT NO CARRIER ABORT NO DIALTONE ABORT ERROR ABORT NO ANSWER. Somewhere in your ppp setup (probably ei er in /etc/ppp/options or at e command line), you have an option called connect followed by a command used to setup e modem for a connection. It's usually a chat script. You need to find out why at command is failing. If it is a chat script, you can make it verbose by changing it from chat blah blah to chat -v blah blah. e file /var/log/ppp/chat-log (/etc/ppp/dial) is e concatenation of all chat sessions. Directory /var/lock: anybody must be allowed to write here. I suppose you already have it. is directory can be changed in e /etc/ppp/ppp-connect script. pon, invoked wi out arguments, runs e /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot file, if it exists and is executable. O erwise, a PPP connection will be started using configuration from /etc/ppp/peers/provider. is is e default behaviour unless an isp-name argument is given. . Script /usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/chat-4g finished (pid 657), status = 0x0. is is most likely a, ppp or a pppd command. Insert a ppp or pppd at e end of e chat string. In one case ey put in a request Do you want PPP? y/n In at case put in PPP? y/n \dy at e end of e chat script instead. (e \d tells chat to wait one second, to make sure at e remote computer is ready to receive your y. How to Invoke a Chat Script. Create e chat script as an ASCII file. Invoke e chat script in any PPP configuration file by using e following syntax: connect 'chat -f /etc/ppp/chatfile' e -f flag indicates at a file name is to follow. /etc/ppp/chatfile represents e name of e chat file. A failed script causes chat to terminate wi a nonzero error code. -U phone_number_2 Pass a second string, usually a phone number, at's substituted for e \U substitution meta character . Script /etc/ppp/ip-up started (pid 2300) Script /etc/ppp/ip-up finished (pid 2300), status = 0x0 Web pages are still not coming up, and I'm worried about e compression being rejected. Sounds like e Rockwell modem be. BTW, I'm posting from home ru Lynx on my ISP's terminal dialup. Definitely an interesting experience! 3 15:27:43 ppp [opt5_link0] MODEM: chat script failed 3 15:27:43 ppp [opt5_link0] Link: DOWN event 3 15:27:43 ppp [opt5_link0] LCP: Down event and in cua01: MODEM: Fail to open serial port /dev/cuaU0 on speed 115200. cd /etc mkdir ppp cd ppp. Inside is new directory copy e following files: ppp-start. gprs-options. gprs-connect. gprs-disconnect. pap-secrets. Configuration file and script in dep ppp-start ppp-start is a command file at launch e daemon program pppd passing as parameter e /etc/ppp/gprs-options at contains e PPP working. (PPP or terminal) For modem connections, a data call looks e same as a terminal session coming in until e end, when e data call goes to negotiate PPP. Syntax: speed bps. Syntax Description: Async Outbound Calling—Verify Chat Script Operation If e outbound call is a modem call, a chat script must execute for e call to proceed. ppp will use e chat-isp script which is input to e chat program which invokes e dialog wi your modem. ppp will create a network device ppp0 and use it to communicate wi e ppp program at e o er end. is is where your local IP address is defined. ppp will configure your routing table wi a route to e ppp . If WvDial doesn't seem to like your ISP, I've got some good news and some bad news for you. e bad news about WvDial versus 'chat' scripts: if your chat script doesn't work, you can always fix it wi out doing any programming. WvDial uses built-in intelligence, but if its intelligence fails, you're out of luck. /etc/ppp/options PPPd system options file. /etc/ppp/pap-secrets System PAP passwords file. /etc/ppp/chap-secrets System CHAP passwords file. /etc/ppp/peers/ Directory holding e peer options files. e default file is called provider. /etc/chatscripts/provider e chat script invoked from e default /etc/ppp/peers/provider. 05, 2006 · Script /etc/ppp/ip-up started (pid 2300) Script /etc/ppp/ip-up finished (pid 2300), status = 0x0 Web pages are still not coming up, and I'm worried about e compression being rejected. Sounds like e Rockwell modem be. BTW, I'm posting from home ru Lynx on my ISP's terminal dialup. Definitely an interesting experience! 20, 2003 · ppp-off -d ppp-off ppp connection.) End ===== ese are some o er ways to make a PPP connection. e best way to make a PPP connection is to create a chat script, if you're having trouble wi e chat script you can use ese me ods below to make e PPP connection. e recommended PPP chat script follows: chat-script name ABORT ERROR ABORT BUSY ATZ OK ATDT \T TIMEOUT 30 CONNECT \c See e section Callback to a PPP Client Example at e end of is chapter for a configuration example. Command Purpose. 20,  · start-chat. To specify at a chat script start on a specified line at any point, use e start-chat command in privileged EXEC mode. To stop e chat script, use e no form of is command. start-chat regexp [[aux. console. vty] line-number [dialer-string]] no start-chat Syntax Description. Hi all, I have a question about pppd. I got a Slack box wi kernel 2.4.20. I'm learning how to connect my CONSOLE to internet wi a chat script. Following ese steps, MANY times I . I want to establish a ppp link to a GSM provider wi my cell phone modem. e modem gets recognized and I can send AT commands just fine, but I can not get e connection established. My chat script looks like: SAY 'Setting e abort string\n' SAY '\n' Abort String - ABORT 'NO DIAL TONE' ABORT 'NO ANSWER' ABORT 'NO CARRIER' ABORT DELAYED SAY 'Initializing modem\n' Modem. 31,  · e functions quit, exit, sys.exit and os._exit have almost same functionality as ey raise e SystemExit exception by which e Py on interpreter exits and no stack traceback is printed. We can catch e exception to intercept early exits and perform cleanup activities. if uncht, e interpreter exits as usual. Hello, I have searched for e keywords ``chatscript'' and ``pppd'' in ese forums, but didn't find any ing at really helped me. -My problem: After having read e kernel ppp pages in e FreeBSD handbook (plus ano er manual and e pppd/chat manpages), i tried to dial my provider under OpenBSD 2.9, but it didn't work.Using ``pppd /dev/cua00 38400 connect '/usr/sbin/chat -f /etc. Apr 15, 2009 · Ok now you get connected but since you dial wi out defining AT+CGDCONT as I explained in my previous mail, pppd has nobody to talk. you must define e apn prior to dialing in your chat script. en pppd should be able to talk to a ppp server on e o er side. add debug option to your pppd config to get more info about what is happening. chat-script name ABORT ERROR ABORT BUSY ATZ OK ATDT \T TIMEOUT 30 CONNECT \c See e section Callback to a PPP Client Example at e end of is chapter for a configuration example. Note Normally a router avoids line and modem noise by clearing e initial data received wi in e first one or two seconds. 31,  · Script /usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/chatscripts/ppp_test finished (pid 3407), status = 0x3 Your exit code, most likely from chat (You'd have to check your reads to find out what was running on 3407 to be certain) was 3. Solved: Hello I have a Cisco 887G-K9 wi version 15.1-4 3G router, I set up e router following e guidelines of cisco, but i cant stablish a succesfull connections, e router have e interface cellular 0 up wi good RSSI, but when i force. I would recommend feeding e code into shellcheck.net as a first approach also - you have several o er errors in e script which it points out – Petesh 13 '15 at 7:02 @Petesh ank you for is link! – tin 13 '15 at 7:14.

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